NSD Power Cycle - Stationary Bike for Your Arms

Crush Your Workout with Both Hands

Leverage the power of gyroscopic power to crush your daily workout! Strengthen arms, or your entire upper body with a simple workout. The NSD Power Cycle functions like a stationary bike for your hands, wrist, arms, and pectoral muscles.


  • Capable of generating more than 110 lbs of resistance through gyroscopic action
  • Self charging, self starting motor for easy activation
  • One handed or two handed operation helps you bulk up and crush your workout
  • Multi-function LCD tracks top speed, number of cycles, and strength test in 30, 60, and 90 second intervals
  • Small, compact format means you can exercise just about anywhere
  • Perfect for training fast twitch muscles in your hands and arms, as well as High Intensity Interval Training to maximize your potential.