Each and every NSD Spinner that leaves our factory has to meet the toughest quality standards in the industry. Our manufacturing and assembly process are monitored closely and each Spinner is QC tested vigorously to ensure you are getting the highest quality product available. Don’t believe us? See the “torture” we put some of our products through just to make sure your NSD Spinner will meet and exceed all your exercising needs.


On a quick glance, our competitors would like to have you believe that their gyroscopic exercisers are just like ours. The truth is, there's a huge difference just under the skin. We've managed to acquire an unnamed competitor's product through the retail channel (yes we paid for one) and was shocked at just how poorly executed their product is. But we were also shocked at how "similar" the products looked, so we'll take this opportunity to compare and contrast so you know what you're buying.

  1. Our Spinners are made in Taiwan under strict quality control using the highest end quality products. Theirs are made in China.
  2. On Spinners not equipped with a counter, you can upgrade by purchasing a SM-01 or SM-02 Speedometer. Replacing the top cover with our Speedometer is very easy with simple hand tools. Their products...Not so much. If you want to add a counter feature, you'd have to buy another one.
  3. Look at the poor construction and molding for their products. This was a brand new out of the box product.
  4. Our Spinners are designed so that you can maintain and replace components with nothing more than some simple hand tools. Their product? We'd love to go into more detail as to what the differences are internally, but it's glued together and impossible to service.
  5. It took them drilling 4 holes on one side, and 2 more on the other to "balance" the rotor, and it still vibrated like crazy. Poor molding and inconsistent material density makes for a very poorly balanced rotor. See for yourself.