Innovation never stops at NSD. Our latest LED embedded spinners come in various flavors, with different fun effects surely to dazzle your friends and spice up your workout routine.

We offer our FLUORESCENT line-up of Spinners with embedded LED light that varies in intensity based on the speed of the rotor. A dynamo is built right into the gyroscopic rotor to turn the spinning energy and momentum into electricity to light up Spinner.

The basic Fluorescent Spinners light up in red, blue, or green based on the color of the shell (they really do light up in their respective colors rather than just white). A “white” Fusion model lights up in bright white and comes with a clear shell.

The purple “Multi-light” version changes color of the light as the Spinner speeds up. Between 1,000-4,000 RPM the LED glows red, from 4,000-7,000 RPM it emits a purplish light, and from 7,000 RPM on it glows bright blue.

Our LED “Winner’s” series Spinner also has embedded LED lights on the rotor that lights up in a pattern to show you the speed of the rotor itself.