The design of NSD Spinners is protected under more than 100 patents worldwide. And as Nano-Second Technologies continues to improve and evolve the original design, countless numbers of golfers, ball players, athletes of every kind benefited from the improved strength and control over their forearms and wrists. Eventually, as the growth of the personal computer increased our daily use of the mouse and keyboards, millions of suffers of repetitive stress injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes found solace with a few minutes of exercise on an Original NSD Spinner.

With DECADES of research and development, NSD is the only manufacturer of these gyroscopic exercise machines you should TRUST.

With various poorly engineered and constructed knockoffs out on the market right now, why take a chance with the quality, durability, and innovative design? NSD Power US is the ONLY official distributor of NSD Spinners in North America and the only place where you can get cutting-edge new designs like our AutoStart models, or our LED counter models, or new, soon to be released features not found on any other gyroscopic exercise balls?

The innovative exercise machine will allow you to exercise and work-out ANYWHERE!

Don't let the small size fool you. Pick one up, spin it up to 10,000+ RPM and you'll be amazed by the amount of physical work required to keep it spinning at speed, using such a small compact motion. Go ahead, feel the burning forearm after a minute of use. Because the resistance is provided by angular momentum built up through a spinning mass, a few minutes a day on our Spinner can be equivalent to hours of full motion work with a dumbbell or a curl. For athletes, amateur and professional alike, strong grip and forearm provide the ultimate in power, speed, and control in just about everything you do. Be it golf, tennis, baseball or just about any sport that involves the use of hands and arms, using the NSD Spinner will allow you to hit it harder, hit it faster and hit it straighter. Besides the physical benefits, it is just downright FUN to play with. Challenge a friend. Challenge a co-worker. Or a family member. See who can make the Spinner spin faster or glow brighter. See who can keep their Spinner spinning longer. Or break it out during "break time" at work as your co-workers gather to watch in awe. You can have fun while exercising, or exercise while you have fun.

The Highest Standard

Decades of NSD research have achieved performance innovations for the world’s ATHLETES, TRAINERS, and RSI SUFFERERS. In the process, NSD has raised the bar of durability and functionality, and our inventions now serve the industries of Health, Fitness and Sports. Each and every NSD Spinner that leaves our factory has to meet the toughest quality standards in the industry. Our manufacturing and assembly processes are monitored closely and each Spinner is QC tested vigorously to ensure you are getting the highest quality product available. NSD Spinners are certified under the stringent REACH and RoHS directive established by the European Union for the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posted by chemicals. This is the NSD Standard.


Who says you can’t burn more calories while you’re stationary? Or when watching TV? Or during breaks? Whatever form of exercise you do, you can always add NSD Spinner to make it more FUN and burn a few more additional calories.

Since the Spinner is so compact and easy to use, you can spin away while riding a stationary bike or working out on a treadmill. Or if you have a very busy schedule and don’t have time to work out regularly, keep a Spinner on your desk at work, and fire it up for a few minutes a day, between projects or at lunch. Stuck in a long carpool ride to work? Use that as an opportunity to burn calories while strengthening your wrist and forearm.

Pick up the Spinner while watching TV after dinner. Take it with you on your morning jog around the block. Any time your hands are free, you can exercise with the Spinner.

See how much fun and how easy it is to exercise with the NSD Spinner at our CES Tradeshow videos below.