NSD Service Pack SP-06A for PB-688A/PB-688AC/PB-688AML/PB-688AMLC Spinner

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Service Pack for all PB-688A (Auto-Start) series Spinners ONLY

Maintain and service your PB-688 Series (except for PB-688, PB-688C, PB-688ML and PB-688MLC models) Spinners with our Service Pack SP-06A! Proper maintenance and replacement of worn out parts will ensure trouble free operation of your NSD Spinner for as long as you own it. Make sure you have the right service parts, the SP-06A service pack is for PB-688A (Auto-Start) series Spinners ONLY. Comes with the following in the package:
  • 2X inner tracks (Crystal and White)
  • 2X washers
Make another 2X Lifespan of your PB-688A series Spinner

Before you order this item, please contact Customer Service by sending a photo of your spinner with no rubber band on the Spinner to customerservice@nsdpowerus.com. By doing so, you will have our guarantee of receiving correct parts