One winner will be selected every month for the highest posted speed of the month and win a $40.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. Scores will “reset” at the end of each month and contest will reset and resume.

Competition is only valid for North American customers residing in Canada, Mexico, or United States. Competitor MUST use a PB-188 series NSD Spinner with an LCD Counter. Gyroscopic wrist and forearm exercisers sold by other distributors will be disqualified. Distributors, employees, and affiliates of our competitor's products will be disqualified. Competitor must be a “fan” of NSD Spinner Facebook Page to participate. Competitor must use the NSD Spinner as sold, alterations done to the Spinner to gain higher speed will be disqualified.


The competition involves recording of top-speed attempts using an NSD Spinner and posting of said attempt on NSD Spinner’s Facebook page. Each participant can enter as many times as he/she likes during the competition, but only the HIGHEST speed entry of the month will count toward the scoring. Winner will be announced by first Friday of the following month, and winner must provide a valid email address to receive the Amazon Gift Certificate.

Posting of entries:

A minimum speed of at least 8,000RPM or more is needed to qualify for the competition. A valid entry consists of an attempt to reach high score on a PB-188 series NSD Spinner equipped with an LCD counter. Each entry must be recorded on digital video and posted on YouTube, then entered on our Facebook page. The time of post on Facebook determines the time of entry, no duplicate video entries will be accepted.

Each entry must consist of video confirmation of the NSD brand with a brief, verifiable frame of the Spinner’s grip, a frame of the Spinner’s counter’s “historical top speed” reset to ZERO, and the actual attempt at reaching top speed. Then a shot of the LCD showing the flashing “top speed achieved” screen for at least 3 seconds. See sample for a proper entry.

Attempts on other series of NSD Spinner, such as the PB-388 or PB-588 series will not be accepted. Attempts may be video taped using a smart phone, a POV digital recorder (such as GoPro or Contour cameras), or using a video camcorder. Video may be self recorded or taken by a third party. However, the video should follow the format outlined above.

Announcement of winners:

High score of the month will be announced on the NSD Facebook Page on first Friday of the following month. The winner has until the 15th to furnish his/her contact information via private message to claim the winning. There are no restrictions to multiple winning entries per person, however there will be a cap of $250 in winnings in a calendar year. An alternate winner, the next highest score, will be chosen if the high score entry is posted by someone who’s exceeded the $250 cap.

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