Vibration Comparison

Gyroscopic Wrist Exerciser Vibration Comparison from NSD Spinner on Vimeo.


Every NSD Spinner is rigorously tested, and every NSD Spinner gyroscopic rotor is computer balanced to provide vibration free operation up to 15,000 RPM on the PB-188 series Spinners, and 21,000 RPM and above on the PB-388 and PB-588 series Spinners.

Take a look at the video posted above. Even one of our most complicated Spinners, the AutoStart with multiple LED lights, spins at speeds exceeding those of high-end sports car engines without producing any discernable vibration. While another gyroscopic wrist exerciser purchased from one of our competitors produce so much vibration even at starting speeds.

A vibration resulting from unbalanced rotor not only makes it much more difficult getting your gyroscope up to speed, because the momentum you feed into the rotor with each wrist movement is wasted and converted into vibration rather than speed in the rotor, each vibration turns into small, repeated impact in your hand that can result in numbness of hand after prolonged use, and potentially be harmful to the nerves in your hand and wrist, leading to more physical problem than it solves.

Our NSD Spinner brand gyroscopic wrist exerciser not only provides all the tangible benefits of a good gyroscopic wrist exerciser, but it's vibration and impact free design will ensure better long term operation, prolonged life of the product, and less risk of introducing further complications to your hand, wrist, and forearm area from regular use.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations out there. Make sure when you buy a gyroscopic wrist exerciser, to look for the small "NSD Power" molded directly onto the rotor shell as indicated in the video.

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