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The wrist and the forearm are a vital part of your game. You must keep your wrist in perfect position at the point of contact. Without a strong wrist and forearm, you can't generate the force needed to power through a forehand stroke, and without a flexible and strong wrist, you can't transfer that force generated through your legs and hips and up through your elbow to whip the racquet through the ball on a serve.

Tennis is a dichotomy focused on the one part of your anatomy, that the NSD Spinner will improve upon. To get the most out of your stroke, you must be able to keep absolute control over your wrist. Without a strong, steady wrist, the forward momentum of the swing will be stunted by the impact movement and therefore velocity lost on your cross-court pass. However, you also need a flexible wrist capable of taking all the energy your body generates and whip a 10-12 ounce racquet at speeds in excess of 100mph. How do you get the flexibility AND strength to do both?

Enter the NSD Spinner. By using the physics of a spinning gyroscope, angular momentum is generated in a small "ball" roughly the size of a tennis ball. Our Spinners are capable of spinning in excess of 15,000 RPM, and at that speed even a few ounces can feel like POUNDS. Trying to keep a spinning gyroscope at that speed steady requires significant strength of muscle around your wrist, and by training regularly with an NSD Spinner, you can achieve the control over your wrist required, as well as build up the strength in your forearm needed, to hit a winner across the net.

In addition, to build up speed on the NSD Spinner strength and flexibility in the wrist in required. By rotating your wrist in rhythm to the spinning rotor, you are increasing the flexibility of your wrist and strengthening the tendons and muscles in the forearm to absorb and transfer the power needed for a powerful serve.

Daily training with the NSD Spinner is the ace on your court.

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