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Don’t neglect your wrist and forearm. Compliment your training with NSD Spinner. Using the Spinner daily in addition to your workout routines can improve strength in the forearm and increase flexibility in your wrist.

Start your daily cage work with a minute each hand on the Spinner, and finish it up with a minute each again will help you build bat-speed and improve recovery. Hitting a ball is the science of transferring power from your legs up your hips, through to your shoulders, down your arms and through your wrist. The forearm and wrist is the last chain of this kinetic movement, and if you don’t have a strong wrist to handle the power generated by your entire body, you won’t be able to power your bat through the ball to hit the ball longer and harder.


A pitcher’s grip is his life-blood. A strong grip will enhance the rotation of the pitch. The NSD Spinner allows you to build a much stronger grip, in addition to a flexible and strong wrist for that additional SNAP in your pitch, and add a couple of miles per hour to your fastball.

For your off-speed pitch, a stronger wrist and forearm will give you a tighter spin on your curveball and slider for that extra movement near the strike zone to fool the batter. A stronger, more flexible forearm and wrist also prevents fatigue and injury, and give you better stamina to go that extra inning.

Try one of our Performance series of Spinners with the LCD counter to keep track of your workout daily!

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