The NSD Spinner is a gyroscopic exerciser. It's a fine device capable of speeds over 15,000 RPM. NSD Spinner provides a relaxing and extremely effective way to improve your grip. Strengthen your wrists and arms while improving coordination without strenuous exercise. Follow directions and use only for intended purposes. Inspect NSD Spinner before each use. Manufacturer assumes no responsibiltiy, obligation or liability for injury ustained through use of this product. No one who has or suspects physical handicap or illness should exercise or increase physical activity without first consulting a physician. 



The NSD Spinner is completely self contained and needs no special lubricant. Because the NSD Spinner is a precision device, you should not touch spinning rotor to your skin. Stop rotor by letting it run down or touching lightly to lint-free cloth. Also, avoid getting lint inside. Do not immerse in water. Products are not quaranteed against breakage and misuse.

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