While many workplaces these days are fully aware of and supportive of the benefits of physical fitness—some even offer full fitness centers—there are still many companies which don't acknowledge that fact.  Plus, many people just have trouble finding the time to get on a regular workout program.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, many people forget (or simply aren't aware) that even light exercise is shown toreduce stress and increase productivity.  Just a few minutes of light exercise is the perfect solution for any sort of midday slump, too, which has an obvious effect on productivity.

While a full in-gym workout or a nice jog or bike ride is even better for a change of scenery and some fresh air, it's not always possible to get out of the office.  That's when an NSD Spinner can be your best friend.

The portability of carrying one in our briefcase or leaving one at your desk means you never have an excuse to lag at work and it can be your best companion if you feel your blood starting to boil from any work-related stress.  A quick top-speed attempt "in anger" goes a long way, but doing a couple of 30-60 second sets per side is even better for getting some increased blood flow to wake up your mind and body.

Plus, you can always call out one of your coworkers for a friendly competition to see who can get the best score before getting back to work.  If your boss comes by you can just explain that your building company moral and taking a moment to increase your creativeness and productivity for whatever project or job you're working on, too.

Give it a try and don't forget to set the time aside to do at least a minute or two of exercise with your Spinner each day.  Even stand up to do it so that you get some more blood flow throughout your body.  Set an alarm and don't ignore it.  Investing 2 minutes into YOU in the middle of the day can go a long way for many aspects of your life.